Reusable and Erasable Metal Writing Pens Pack of 2

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Product Name: Everlasting Inkless Pencils Portable Reusable and Erasable Metal Writing Pens Replaceable Graphite Nib Triangle Golf Stationary Set (Pack of 2) Package Contains: It has 2 Piece of Pencils Color: Multicolor Material: Metal Type: Stationery Combo/Pack Of: Pack of 2 Additional Information: Long eraser inside 1. Durable material: the body of the inkless pencil is made of quality metal, durable and sturdy, not easy to break or wear, comfortable in use; The nib adopts processed alloy, which can write smoothly and the handwriting is similar to the ordinary pencil, save time for sharpening pens. 2. Working principle: the nib rubs on the paper to decompose the alloy metal molecules and leave them on the paper surface; The erasable pencil can be applied on most papers, and the handwriting can be retained for a long time regardless of the temperature or weather conditions. Durable and save cost 1. Practical gifts: these metal inkless writing pens can be regarded as practical gifts for children, students, teachers, friends, etc., won't consume wood, odorless and safe to use; They will be surprised to get such delicate gifts. 2. Wide range of uses: the metal inkless pens are suitable for children's painting, diary writing, note taking, scrapbook making and other art projects, creative design can nicely stimulate children's enthusiasm for writing and interest in learning. 4 Pcs Inkless Pencils Comfortable grip 1. Metal inkless pen is polished, with smooth surface and feels comfortable in hands. 2. The round pen body is designed to be easy to hold, which can relieve the fatigue due to writing or drawing for a long time. 1. The inkless pencil is retractable. 2. One pack includes 4pcs pencils and each one is in different fine pastel barrel. 3. It's great to be gifts for students, friends, teachers and kids... 4. inkless pencils is superior sketching pencil for everyday use or technical writing. 5. The nicely balanced and sturdy design makes the pencils feel so comfortable to write with. 6. Great balance and just the correct amount of weight and the quality body gives a rugged experience. Weight: 200

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